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During the Donbass battle it was difficult for the Ukrainians to evacuate the wounded and this affected the morale of the resistance. The aid package, scheduled for Monday, will be another billion

The injured

How did the Russians manage to break through the defenses in Severonetsk and Lysychansk? Ukrainian general Dmytro Krasylnykov gave one version relaunched by Volodymyr Tretyak. Let’s summarize the points.

1) Logistic lines interrupted, era impossible to evacuate a very high number of wounded. And this affected men’s morale. What hope do I have of saving myself – the others thought – when I am in those conditions?

2) The wards have been fighting for months, hard fights, enduring massive bombardments. Some units were reduced to 50% efficiency, there was no more power. It was necessary to move them well away from the front, away from the artillery and from the same thunder of the cannon, to regenerate them and alleviate psychological stress.

3) The backups were inexperienced and the veterans who remained weren’t enough to galvanize the new ones, to push them to hold on under the pressure of blows. Currently, the pressure of the attackers is always concentrated on Bakhmut.

US aid

The theme of the wounded had emerged in the dramatic days of the offensive in the eastern regions. Some analysts had emphasized one aspect: an insufficient number of field hospitals near the first line. And along with this the lack of adequate means, ambulances adapted to operate under fire. Not a coincidence that the United States has included in a forthcoming supply 50 M113 armored vehicles in the rescue version, in order to broaden the intervention capacities. The aid package – scheduled for Monday – will be another billion and includes the now indispensable ammunition for the batteries, for the Himars long-range systems and Nasams anti-aircraft systems.

The South

Assistance coincides with the expectation of developments on the southern front. For days, Moscow has been adding troops, tanks, big guns, defenses, pontoons, barges needed to ford rivers. According to unofficial estimates, Russia has about 67 Battalions in the contiguous sectors of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, devices that can support each other. The figure includes select soldiers and also fresh forces about whose preparation the usual doubts circulate. Questions – equally well known – about the numbers: on paper each Btg should have 800-1,000 men, however possible that they are much less. Despite this, some experts consider it a deployment capable of complicating the Kiev counterattack, while not excluding a preventive assault by the Army, precisely to remove the initiative from Ukraine. The Ukrainian army, on the other hand, continues with the destruction of the deposits. The synthesis of everything an incessant pendulum between possibility and realitywith a load of propaganda.

The drones

The news on the possible involvement of Iran come down with the dropper. A Zelensky adviser claimed that Tehran has already supplied Russia with 45 Shahed 129 attack drones, which were immediately moved to the area of ​​operations. Conceived for reconnaissance and raids, it participated in the campaign in Syria, they could use it to neutralize artillery pieces more valuable.

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