A hidden deal to transform Saudi football!

Al-Ittihad striker Karim Benzema does not hesitate to salute the impressive level of Saudi players. And he took advantage of the opportunity in a mission shared with international players of the Championship, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

He also announced his intention to develop local talent in collaboration with other international stars including Cristiano Ronaldo. This shocking pairing could have a significant impact on the development of football in the Kingdom.

The question remains: how will this concentration of exceptional talent affect the Saudi national team’s performance? The Saudi press eagerly ponders this, as these icons of world football are set to play a decisive role.

Beyond their exploits on the field, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo may be planning a new adventure as coaches in Saudi Arabia after their professional playing careers end, according to a local media report.
A prospect that is already sparking the interest and enthusiasm of “football fans in the country”.

The Benzema-Ronaldo pairing could shape a new chapter in Saudi football history, bringing their expertise and experience to the next generation of promising players.

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