A Holocaust museum will open in Fortnite

We will soon be able to visit a museum on the Holocaust within Fortnite. Fortunately, emotes and destruction will be disabled there.

Can we make Fortnite an educational platform? Epic Games’ Battle Royale is known for attracting millions of fans every day around a common goal: to survive against others. But it is also a real entertainment center (example: watching concerts or movies) and, recently, has become a tool for creation – via the Unreal Editor For Fortnite program (platform for creating projects within Fortnite). It is thanks to this that the developer Luc Bernard was able to create a museum dedicated to the Holocaust, presented on Euronews on August 3.

The day before, Luc Bernard indicated on Twitter : “ The first Holocaust museum has been approved in Fortnite, by Epic Games. I am proud that we are the first to propose such a project for the 400 million players of the game. In his eyes, his museum has the power to change the game given that 80% of Americans have never visited such a place (source: NBC News). With Fortnite, this educational lever becomes more accessible. In the past, there was an event centered on Martin Luther King.

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Photo credits of the image of a: A museum on the Holocaust in FortniteA museum on the Holocaust in FortniteA museum on the Holocaust in Fortnite // Source: Twitter Luc Bernard

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