A humorist in the world, makes a proposal for a 20-million-dollar to die, instead, and from 7 to 10 thousand people


The comedian, Fernando Caruso tweeted on Wednesday (may 25) in a video with a suggestion for how to get the number “better” than the one suggested by the owner of a restaurant in buenos aires, said that “Brazil will not stop for a count of 5 or 7 thousand who will die”.

“I’m going to say that I agree with them. Actually, numbers are better, we are losing about 7 billion to 10 billion, but that was when I thought of something that I think that they’re going to like it, which is a smaller number, even, if, instead of 7 mil,10 mil, black men are only 20? (…) We get to the 20 super-rich, and the woods are only those of 20, you take the wealth from them and distribute it to the folks in the lower income to help you to survive those 3 or 4 months in quarantine,” suggested the humorist.




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