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The controversy over the deal with Qatar Airways, which is worth around EUR 20 million, has been controversial for several months, but intensified in October / November.

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Qatar and Bayern – the case shocked the fans. This banner was remembered by the club’s authorities

At the end of October, information appeared that many shareholders and fans are not satisfied with the fact that Bayern’s authorities are planning to extend the contract with the Qatari company due to human rights violations that occur in the country that will host the World Cup next year. The club was very keen on keeping the contract to the World Cup, but the conditions set by the Qatari were to encourage activists to continue their cooperation. This upset the fan groups.

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There was even a special draft against the extension of the contract. Its initiator was the shareholder Michael Ott. – We want to make a preventive move that will prevent a new deal – Michael Ott explained his demands to the daily “Bild”. – This country is responsible for massive violations of human rights. There are also serious allegations of corruption in sports. Instead of making changes, Bayern Munich is actively helping the Emir of Qatar by promoting him. If Bayern is silent about the situation in Qatar, it means it is indifferent. In this way, the club is destroying its reputation and is not a role model, he added.

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The fans gave their anger in the stands during Bayern’s match against Freiburg. Then a banner was hung on them with the slogan “We will wash everything clean for money” and images of director Oliver Kahn and president Herbert Hainer. Both activists keep bills on it and put them in the washing machine standing next to it. There are also white T-shirts with only the “Qatar Airways” logo stained with blood.

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Bayern will decide on the future and on controversial support from Qatar. “We are not shutting down”

The day has finally come when the matter can even be resolved. A general meeting of the club members is scheduled for November 25 at 19:00 in Munich. Shareholders will take part in a special conference where they will discuss many threads about the future of Bayern.

One of the topics is cooperation with Qatar. – This is definitely a complex topic that we will discuss intensively just before and during the annual general meeting. In general, I can say that we are not limited to the exchange of facts and the right arguments, which may of course be critical – Bayern president Herbert Hainer told “Abendzeitung”.

Alarm!  Another infection in Bayern Munich!  Again unvaccinatedAlarm! Another infection in Bayern Munich! Again unvaccinated

For Bayern, Qatar may be a key issue. The club rarely completely disagrees with the fans, and in this matter seems willing to continue sponsoring the company, from which it draws considerable financial profits. On Monday evening, we will get to know the arguments of both sides, which will be raised during the meeting. This may accelerate the decision to extend the contract, which would then be in force until 2025.

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