A Laker talks about the difference between Kobe and LeBron: “LeBron is much more…”

LeBron James has often been compared to Kobe Bryant, especially since joining the Lakers. From their behavior whether on or off the field, we know a little more about the habits of both the stars. D’Angelo Russell is the latest person to voice his opinion.

As he goes in search of a new ring with the Lakers, Lebron James Knows that time is running out. His 21st season in the NBA could technically be his last, especially when you consider that he contemplated retirement after his last elimination against the Nuggets in the playoffs. But he will continue with the desire to lead the Angelenos to a new title, his fifth since the beginning of his career.

big difference between kobe and lebron

New championship or not, many supporters consider King to be one of the greatest players in history, sometimes even surpassing Michael Jordan. A thorny debate that has been going on for years. However, other comparisons have been made reminiscent of Kobe Bryant, even though the two men are fundamentally different, whether in their play or in their demeanor.

It should be said that few people have had the opportunity to walk side by side with the two, including wooden floors. This is the case for Dwight Howard, for example, but it is D’Angelo Russell that interests us here. Going through the last podcast hosted by Patrick Beverley, DeLo explains the difference between Kobe and LeBron off the field. Everyone has their own perspective.

D’Angelo Russell on LeBron James and Kobe Bryant “Let me speak from the Auric point of view. LeBron is involved with pretty much everything, with everyone. On the bus, he’s social… On the plane, he’s social. When I was with Kobe, I sat next to him in the back seat on the plane and watched him, studied him, and he never spoke. He was very lonely at that time, he wrote films, books…”

“With Kobe, to be honest, I’ve never seen it before. Just being next to him when he enters the room… you know everybody’s talking and when he walks in Something calms down. He had that. »

Less talkative, but still respected, Kobe Bryant certainly was something special. This testimony from Russell proves it, even if his behavior with his teammates won’t please everyone. We imagine that many would prefer LeBron at this point.

Everyone has their own perspective with teammates, but we have to agree that sharing things was not in Kobe Bryant’s nature, he used to focus solely on his match. As far as LeBron James is concerned, he never hesitates to communicate when the need arises. Two schools here.

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