“A lesson for democracies”. Pure Le Monde makes “chapeau” à la Meloni

The gaze is the same as always, a little circumspect. But the basic judgment is not. With the bowls stopped and faced with the objectivity of the numbers, even the French realized that the electoral exploit of Giorgia Meloni it cannot be declassified as an extemporaneous phenomenon. Something has really changed in Italy and the collapse of progressive consensus proves it. Hence the inevitable awareness coming from Paris: “Voters do not find in the democratic center-left a credible perspective to represent their needs and interests“He even wrote it Le Mondethe French newspaper that on the eve of the vote had sbertucciato the Italic center-right and its parties.

But then the word was passed to the citizens and the learned analyzes of the transaplino newspaper had to deal with the free choice of voters. So now Le Monde called the recent Italian elections a “lesson for all Western democracies“. An event, in short, destined to make school. Chapeau. The newspaper of the French gauche then observed how the leader of the Brothers of Italy was seen by the voters as the “more consistent“, but above all the only one that”still couldn’t disappoint“, since she had never come to power. Probably not too welcome to the circumstance progressive newspaper and to its readers, but at least considered as a fact.

The inability of the left

Historical parties lull themselves into delusion imagining that these newcomers will burn their wings as they come to power“, he continued Le Monde in its post-vote analysis, remembering however that this scenario does not seem destined to have immediate confirmation. “The problem is that the executives themselves no longer believe it. They no longer believe in their fellow citizens, in their parties, in their power“, continues the newspaper, criticizing the historical parties for their inability to connect with the electorate. “Outside its strongholds in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, the left vote is collapsing everywhere. The same dynamic is observed for the traditional right outside its strongholds in Veneto or Lombardy. All in all, this translates into a historical abstention“, we read again.

Hence, the hope of the French sheet: “it is time for parties to do politics in a different way“. In recent days he had also written about Giorgia Meloni’s victory Financial Times, silencing the left on the instrumental accusations of fascism aimed at political opponents. “For the risk of fascism we must look to Moscow not to Rome“, had ruled the business newspaper in an article signed by the historian Timothy Garton Ash.

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