“A little candy”, “funny and touching” … This crazy comedy with Adam Sandler and his family wins all the votes on Netflix

This is surely the end-of-summer comedy that no one saw coming. While Adam Sandler was, a few months ago, the star of the highly anticipated Murder Mystery 2 with Jennifer Aniston on Netflix, the actor among the funniest in Hollywood made his comeback on Friday August 25 on the streaming platform. And this, in family. To put his clan forward, Adam Sandler did not choose yet another reality TV show of the genre on his celebrity life, but bet on a completely crazy comedy directed by Sammi Cohen and written by Alison Peck: You can forget my bat mitzvah!.

Adam Sandler reunites his family in a comedy

Inspired by Fiona Rosenbloom’s book of the same name, the film immerses viewers in Jewish culture by following Stacy and Lydia, two best friends who have always dreamed of having spectacular bat mitzvahs. But Andy Goldfarb, a popular boy, and the vagaries of college come to threaten their friendship and their rite of passage, creating situations as catastrophic as they are hilarious. While he plays Danny, Stacey’s father, Adam Sandler has decided to associate his family with this comedy, in particular his two daughters, Sadie and Sunny, but also his wife, Jackie Sandler. The subject is also well known to the Sandler family, who organized the bat mitzvah of their youngest, Sunny, in May 2022. You can forget my bat mitzvah!, the girl relives her rite of passage performed last year. Which was, we hope, a little less dramatic than that of his character…

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Netflix subscribers conquered

If films with Adam Sandler rarely disappoint subscribers to the Netflix platform (we remember the success of the film The top of the basket), You can forget my bat mitzvah! is obviously the comedy that no one saw coming, if we are to believe the first notices that have been published on X (formerly Twitter). Super good(…) it’s a little candy, “If you’re not allergic to Adam Sandler and nepotism (there’s his whole family), this ‘teen & Jewish comedy’ is really funny and touching. A bit cringe also (Sandler, what)”, Cute and really nice, “It’s excellent”, Hilarious and heartwarming, “Adorable. I’m so glad Adam Sandler had daughters”can we already read among the returns on the film.

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