“A lot of Cara Delevigne’s problems are due to her relationship with Amber Heard. He started mixing drugs with her.”

They are hours of apprehension for Cara Delevigne. A week ago, the British supermodel and actress was immortalized in a daze as she staggered. She was barefoot, outside the Los Angeles airport, she smoked and chased the dog while trying to talk on the phone. A situation that degenerated in a short time and that immediately worried her fans all over the world. British newspapers will add to the dose. The tabloid The Sun writes that the model “he hasn’t eaten or washed for days “, TMZ reveals it “is struggling with mental health problems and substance abuse.” The images disseminated by Daily MailInstead, they confirm that the situation is really worrying as they film Margot Robbie in tears as she leaves her friend’s house. The cause of this malaise should be, according to the well-informed, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard who allegedly had an affair don la Delevigne and together they were paparazzi while kissing in the elevator. Journalist Joseph Morris has no doubts: the cause of the model’s drug addiction is the star of Aquaman.

Right on his Twitter profile, he spread messages received from an insider close to Amber Heard which supports this thesis. “A lot of Cara’s problems are due to the fact that she got involved with Amber very early on when she moved from the UK to Hollywood,” the message reads. According to what the insider reveals to the journalist, Delevigne was already addicted to drugs but her dating with Johnny Depp’s ex-wife would only make the situation worse: “He started taking methamphetamine, mixing drugs with GHB and injecting himself with heroin“. A mix of drugs that would have led to an overdose in recent weeks. “Nobody knows how she survived, she was done for weeks without sleep, with hallucinations.”

For this reason Jay Z he would not have let her get on the plane that day when she was immortalized in a daze at the Los Angeles airport: “She was too stressed out, couldn’t get heroin he needed to calm down. A total mess, her family is trying to help her ”. To all this situation are added the red light parties that Amber Heard would have organized where “there were tons of drugs”. “When she woke up she didn’t remember anything. Amber provided women to billionaires, and Cara, with Stockholm syndrome, he began to do the same with other women”, Confirms the insider to the reporter. In addition he adds that the threesome with the entrepreneur Elon Mask – denied by the third protagonist – “it wasn’t a threesome but a rape“.

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