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How to use the dryer without spending a lot of money on the bill? With this gesture you save every time.


The dryer could be considered a secondary appliance, precisely because it is not necessary in many situations. In addition, it is one of those elements that have a huge impact on the home bill and increases the costs of the monthly budget.

It is actually bought when there are gods in the family children, when you live in very humid areas and to avoid hanging clothes at home, creating condensation as well as mold over time. There’s a method to save money and use it without any fear: let’s find out together.

When should I use the dryer during the day?

Before I find out how to go about save with the dryer, experts have emphasized hours that can make you spend even less money at the end of the month. If the electricity contract is two-tier the costs could be variable and it is better to check.

Generally we recommend:

  • In first band from Monday to Friday – 8.00 / 12.00 – it is not necessary to dry clothes with the appliance because there is a higher consumption
  • In second band from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 8.00 in the morning or on Saturdays from 7.00 to 23.00, consumption is average so it is evaluated according to need
  • In third band which runs from Monday to Saturday from 00.00 to 7.00 in the morning, there is a big saving to take into consideration
  • Sunday can be used the dryer alwaysbecause we are at the low end.
Full load dryer
Full load dryer – NanoPress.it

To have even more time to devote to something else and not forget to activate it at certain times, just set the timer and it will start by itself allowing good energy savings. The models can be different and the investment should be made for those of class Aadvantageous in terms of functionality and consumption.

Saving money with the dryer: here’s the method to apply

To make sure that the end-of-month bill not yeast it is important to apply a particularly interesting method. You can choose the generic ECO program or according to the fabrics that are inside it: in both cases, a correct drying method will be implemented that will not have any impact on the bill and on the end-of-month budget.

It is important that the choice of the program is made in clever way, because negligence of this kind could ruin the clothes and make you spend a lot more money. To all this we must also add the preference of filling the basket well, at least to ¼ of its total load.

Save money with the dryer
Save with the dryer-NanoPress.it

Another little trick is to get a spin spin to clothes washed in the washing machine. By squeezing the fabrics well, drying will be quick and you can use a short program as well as ecological.

There nature and end-of-month budget they will thank you.

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