A man follows her into the mall while she is shopping with her daughter, she films him and denounces him: then the shock discovery

It was supposed to be an afternoon of shopping quiet, but he risked turning into the worst day of his life. A woman filmed a man following her around the shops and after reporting him she discovered that he was a sex offender, already arrested in the past for rape.

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What happened

The woman told her experience on TikTok, hoping to encourage as many parents as possible to always pay close attention to their surroundings. She had decided to spend an afternoon shopping with her daughter at Walmart, a famous chain of stores in the United States United States. When she realized she was being followed, she picked up the phone and pretending to take back the shoes on display, began to film him. “I don’t know him and he’s following me, he’s recording me,” she says in a frightened voice as she zooms in on the alleged molester.

The man notices the film and disappears: “Now he’s gone, after he realized that I started recording it,” he adds. After the scare, the woman contacted the Walmart attendants and through the security office, after viewing the videos, she was able to trace the man: «He has been identified. He is a registered sex offender. He was arrested for harassment and rape, ”the woman said. The video, viewed 9 million times, has had several comments from people who have shared similar experiences: “The same happened to me last week,” said one user. “It’s a lot more common than people think,” another comment.

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