A MATCH IN MIELIEC! Stal draws with Lechia!

We had a feeling that the meeting between Stal and Lechia could be a really interesting spectacle. Because on the one hand, Stal, who is a positive hero of this season and has not been losing since September, on the other, Lechia, who, even if she is slightly out of breath, scores for three anyway, settling the matches with Warta and Zagłębie in the end. The nose can let us down, but not this time – it was indeed an amazing view.


This evening seemed to belong to Marco Terrazzino. The guy did not have an easy entry into Polish football, because he suffered an injury first, and then he performed on average in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki in the Polish Cup. But apparently he fired. First he decided to win with Zagłębie Lubinand today he played a concert. He must have stamped a stamp on every action of Lechia, and the goals he planted are just a different level.

Zbigniew Boniek says that football is a simple game, because you give and go, but you know: in Ekstraklasa they don’t give more often and they don’t go even more often. Meanwhile, the midfielder towed the ball in the middle, he played with Flavio in such a way that Stal did not know what the day of the week was and immediately had the ball in the net, because Terrazzino loaded Strączek after a long time.

Well, but as if that were not enough, in the second half of Germany he fired a racket from a distance, so that Strączek would have to stand in the exact place to have a chance to bounce the ball. And since he wasn’t standing, he had to get her out of the gate, Terrazzino chopped indefensibly. In the built-up area, that shot would lose his driving license, simply. And the German midfielder should have an assist, but Durmus failed his brilliant pass, hitting the grass more than the football from the seventh meter.


So why wasn’t it like Terrazzino evening until the end? Mainly because of two characters. For example, Mateusz Żukowski had other plans. Like a teammate, but he did not want to be comforted by his partner. First, he made an idiotic penalty, Mak deceived him in the simplest way and it turned out that Żukowski is not a right defender, but a guy placed there out of necessity. Tomasiewicz exchanged the eleven for the goal.

But it is still half the trouble, because then all Gdańsk fans lost their hands. Żukowski wanted to withdraw to Kuciak and he did it, but completely ignored the fact that Piasecki was still on the road. We will suggest: the ball does not burn, so Piasecki could take it, moreover, he is not offside then, because you do not play, Mateusz, in the same team with Piasecki. Friendly advice. Anyway – Piasecki took over, because what he had to do, he put it up for Mak and he stuffed it with a link.

Mak is the other character who stole the Terrazzino show. He won a criminal. He scored a goal. And in the first half he added an assist – a long ball came from Żyra, Mak took it so that he lost two defenders and immediately withdrew to Sitek. Kuciak was backing up like a truck, the only thing missing was the beeping somewhere in the background, so Sitek just lobbed him. A beautiful goal.

Anyway – it was an evening of beautiful goals, because Durmus has to be placed next to Sitek and Terrazzino. This peasant has his left leg folded and if he does, there is nothing to collect. Today he tried, he tried, and he finally fell. He tried it on the left so that it flew towards the forks on the long corner, the Pod tried to gather for it, but it just couldn’t.

Putting it all together: this match was fantastic to watch. Stal, who controlled the meeting for 30 minutes, but then went stupid, started better. She came to the fore Lechia and Terrazzino, but when she took the two-goal lead, she was also sloppy (most obviously Żukowski) and the hosts managed to catch up with her. This is not the first time that Lechia has lost such points – it is enough to recall the matches with Wisła Kraków and Radomiak. There were also two reserve goals and there it was barely a draw. You only need to look at the table to know what this means in the context of the race for the autumn champion.

Steel, on the other hand, showed character again and the fact that with such a disposition, it is absolutely not a threat.

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