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In order to protest against the temporary detention of one of their colleagues – involved in a case of violence against the young Hedi in Marseille -, police officers have increased sick leave in recent days.

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“Does that mean recess is over?!”

Neïla Latrous, who replaces Apolline de Malherbe at the Face to face of BFMTV and RMC, confronted Stanislas Guerini to this crisis that is shaking the police. “I would like to come back to the meeting between Gérald Darmanin and the police unions. The Minister of the Interior who says he understands their anger and their fatigue, but who asks them not to forget the meaning of their mission. That means that the recess is over, that in any case they have to get back to work and quickly?!”she asked him.

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The Minister of Transformation and Public Service felt that this was not how the police saw things. “It is not, for them, a recreation. It is, for them, a movement of anger, of great weariness, sometimes of incomprehension too”, he explained. His interlocutor insisted: “She has been heard and you say we have to go back to work?”. The guest of Face to face kicked into touch and did not answer the question.

Neïla Latrous got annoyed. “But you’re not answering my question!”she launched to the minister who succeeded Amélie de Montchalin in May 2022. He still has not deigned to answer his question. “Do you tell them, ‘We listened to you. We have to go back to work?’she hammered. “Yes, they will go back to work! And they were received yesterday by the Minister of the Interior who listened to them and understood them as he has been doing for 3 years!”ended up replying Stanislas Guerini.

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Stanislas Guerini bangs his fist on BFMTV

“You know, the police, the gendarmes, the municipal police, the firefighters, they know that they have, at the head of the Ministry of the Interior, a minister who is extraordinarily committed to their side and who defends their honors, their means of work, their working conditions and their salaries.They know that they can count on the Ministry of the Interior and the government to be able to defend and protect them!“, banged his fist on the table the Minister of Transformation and Public Service.

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