A mockery holiday in Gallipoli, the outburst of the Milanese tourist: “A hovel instead of a villa on the sea”. The agency: Refund- Corriere.it

from Luca Caglio

Maria Gabriella Scrimieri had paid in advance the entire rent of a house seen on Booking. Upon arrival in Salento, she and her husband were diverted to an apartment with yellowed mattresses, ruined chairs, broken handles and smashed doors.

She went black even though she didn’t get a tan. She is black with rage. Seared. A fury for the holidays set at the dawn of a holiday booked well in advance. Gallipoli was the goal. The residence, on the other hand, is a villa with a garden just a few steps from the sea. Maria Gabriella Scrimierinursing coordinator at the San Raffaele hospital, had already paid the rent in full from 23 to 30 July: 1,359 euros receiving a confirmation voucher. The long-awaited week to leave behind a heavy year. Only then the “three house” game began, and the winning key was inside an apartment almost inland. Inadmissible. “Dirty, stinking and ruined. He couldn’t be worth that money. ‘ Clear are the stages of the odyssey that brought her back to Milan. The companions of the journey of hope are her husband and two purebred dogs, a bulldog and a Maltese.

Mrs. Scrimieri, does the chosen villa in Gallipoli exist?

«When we arrive at the address indicated, in Baia Verde, the house is there and corresponds to the photos published online. I blocked it in January through Booking, which in this case sent me back to the Interhome agency website: in May I was contacted for the balance. Everything and immediately, no deposit ».

So why don’t you go into the sea view apartment?

“I’m calling Ernestina, the lady from Interhome who was supposed to let us in. She tells me I have to be patient, because there is a patron’s day and the cleaning ladies still have to fix it. Let’s wait outside. There is a scorching heat, my dogs accuse it. To pass the time we decide to book the seats at the beach as well: 220 euros for the whole week ».

Then comes Ernestina?

«Not received. He reaches us a boy on a motorcycle, perhaps a colleague, and here we have the first surprise: he informs us that we must follow him because our house is different. Let’s get in the car. The sea gets farther, the nearest rip-off. We arrive in a street colonized by children on vacation. The guy assigns us a dilapidated apartment on the first floor, probably just vacated by a group of twenty-year-olds. Going out onto the balcony, I notice a decrepit table. Opposite is a tree festooned with underwear. Party stuff, I think, someone must have launched it ».

There is more?

“Too much. Meanwhile, the external gate has a broken lock and cannot be closed. Like the front door. The bed is rusted and folded against a wall, the mattress with yellow streaks, the bathroom door dented, the chairs are flayed, the handles in the kitchen are broken, some tiles are stained with paint. There is dust everywhere. The greenery around seems to have never seen a gardener. The air, then, an unspeakable stench. A hovel ».

How does it end?

«Signora Ernestina is coming, my husband is a mask of anger. We inform you that we have no intention of staying here. You propose another solution, always far from the sea. The new location is a popular neighborhood reminiscent of Quarto Oggiaro. The lock on the front door is broken, but at least the interior is discreet. She hurries us, we have to decide immediately whether to stop. I ask if there is air conditioning. Answer: ten euros a day and I’ll give you the remote control ».


«We refuse. Exhausted, we decide to return to Milan, not before having rested in a bed and breakfast in Foggia. No holidays, with the paradox of having paid them well, booking in advance to avoid scams ».

Will it be refunded?

«The Interhome agency made me sign a paper in which he undertakes to reimburse the expense. But Booking, which allegedly launched an investigation, also apologized by announcing compensation. Perhaps they will have to agree on responsibilities among themselves first. To date I have not received anything ».

But she received an offer from hotelier Fernando Nazaro, who would like to host her in one of his structures.

«A gesture that I really appreciate, I thank him. I will return to Gallipoli but not this summer, I have already returned to work. I saw the sea just one day in Liguria ».

The Interhome agency, consulted by telephone, made it known that it had prepared the bank transfer for the reimbursement to Mrs. Scrimieri. Furthermore, the company is carrying out investigations on the behavior of the “correspondents” in Gallipoli

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