a negative swab may be enough to exit (if asymptomatic)

Regions are pushing for a shorter quarantine. Or rather, not set at a minimum of seven days with a negative exit buffer, as required by current legislation. Nothing has yet been decided, but the Ministry of Health – which at the moment denies an imminent change of rules – would be evaluating the possibility of introducing the new rule – proposed by the governors – which would allow the exit from isolation 48 hours after the end of the symptoms. , while keeping the negative swab mandatory (but not with a do-it-yourself test). Today there was a meeting between the technicians of the Ministry of Health precisely to evaluate this change that would have been created to free people now recovered from compulsory quarantine, without having to wait for the deadline, allowing them to return to work. On the isolation of positive Covid cases “the current rules remain”, the Ministry of Health specifies, underlining that there is “no change in sight regarding isolation. As always, there will be an epidemiological trend and there will be confrontation with the Regions ».

Quarantine, the request of the Regions

“We are in a phase in which the transition to an endemic phase is approaching. The goal is coexistence with the virus, not zero contagion. Coexistence also means living with many infections, but the important thing is that they do not have an impact on our health system “. Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa said earlier this week, commenting on the recent positive data. On the proposals coming from the Regions, such as the one on quarantine, “we have always shared the rules with the Regions, we listen carefully. They are among those who are asking the problem that we will reach a point where we will no longer have to isolate asymptomatic positives. If we speak of coexistence, coexistence is also this. Otherwise we also risk involuntarily returning to block the country in the face of the increasing infections. An asymptomatic positive can go to work with the mask, we have to ask ourselves this question ».

“We need to change the rules regarding the isolation of asymptomatic people. There is indeed a fundamental aspect that concerns those who work in essential public services. Since we have about two thousand asymptomatic quarantined operators, we ask that a reflection be made because in other countries they have allowed the positives without symptoms to return to service after 5 days with an FFP2 mask ». This was said in recent days by the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, on the sidelines of the presentation of the national portal on mental health, developed by ASL Roma 2 and the Di Liegro Foundation.

“Reduce quarantine for asymptomatics”

In recent days, the request to reduce the quarantine has sparked a strong debate among experts. “The isolation of asymptomatic people or people with few symptoms is not effective in curbing the viral circulation”, So Donato Greco, epidemiologist and consultant to the World Health Organization. For this reason, “in my opinion the quarantine for asymptomatic and paucisymptomatic patients must be substantially reduced, because it is bringing economic disasters”. «Isolating these people – he reiterates – does not prevent the circulation of the virus, which we are not in any case able to control. The virus circulates, period. We can only effectively reduce the serious effects through vaccines and drugs ». For the expert, those who are positive but have no symptoms «should, for example, be able to continue working, simply by wearing the Ffp2 mask. Travel, work, holidays should not be blocked. It is a measure that must be reviewed, also considering all the exceptions: the doctor must evaluate the person in front of him and his possible frailties ».

Omicron 5 has reached its peak in Italy

The Rt contagion index drops from 1.40 to 1.34 and the Dovid-19 case curve slows down, to the point that the peak could now be very close. “We are entering the phase of the peak of infections, net that we do not know how many positives there are to the ‘do it yourself’ swabs”. Antonello Maruotti, professor of Statistics at Lumsa University and co-founder of StatGroup19, an inter-academic group of statistical studies on the Covid-19 pandemic, underlines to Adnkronos Salute. On the increase in hospitalizations in the medical area, recorded today also by the monitoring of the control room of the Higher Institute of Health-Ministry of Health (15.8%), Maruotti warns that “they will go up again for at least another 15 days”, while “we are seeing how the growth of cases is stopping, perhaps more slowly in the South », he specifies. “A fact that should be highlighted – continues the teacher – is that of the employment of intensive care, which went from 2% to 4%, which confirms the goodness of vaccines and the vaccination campaign”. How will the next weeks of this summer be under the banner of the pandemic? “The situation will improve especially in August, but how quickly we can certainly not say now”, replies Maruotti.

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