A new campaign has started in GTA. You can vaccinate your character against covid

The GTA 5 server, which allows you to play roles and pretend real life in the game, in cooperation with Pfizer, organizes virtual vaccinations for digital characters. The project aims to encourage young people to get vaccinated in the real world.

Pfizer, wishing to contribute to immunization of Gen Z young people against Covid-19, has found an original way of communicating with this audience. A pharmaceutical company has just introduced the game’s first-ever coronavirus vaccine.

As part of the “VacinaInGame” campaign, Pfizer has created a special mission in Cidade Alta, the largest and most watched server GTA V RP in Latin America, owned by Outplay. The game allows the user to imitate the same elements of real life, such as work or studies.

Taking advantage of the title’s popularity in Brazil, Pfizer, in collaboration with OgilvyBrasil and Druid, created the Virtual Vaccine Center against Covid-19 in the game. The action provides additional protection to the characters of the players who are also vaccinated in real life – regardless of the producer.

A special dressing on the hero’s arm means complete immunization in the game. To win the prize, the player must additionally post on his Instagram or Twitter a photo with the hashtag #VacinaInGame, which shows that he has also been vaccinated in the real world.

Photo source: © Instagram

Upon confirmation of vaccination, you will receive a full blue bar for additional protection and a completed red life bar, plus an exclusive Pfizer hoodie to personalize your avatar. The vaccination campaign in Cidade Alta will be available until November 25.

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