A new drug for COVID-19 reduces mortality by 70 percent

MesenCure is a new drug against COVID-19 used in Israel. It is given to patients who are most severely ill – three doses are enough to improve prognosis. The drug has just passed the second phase of clinical trials.

Despite vaccines, we are still dealing with an increase in COVID-19 incidence. New variants of the coronavirus are especially dangerous. The drug MesenCure by the Israeli company Bonus BioGroup is a hope for fighting the pandemic. The preparation significantly reduces mortality in patients who are extremely severely infected. For 50 patients with 93 percent oxygen saturation and diffuse pneumonia who received up to three doses of MesenCure, the monthly survival rate was 94 percent, according to new data published in The Jerusalem Post.

The preparation is a chance for recovery even in the case of a severe course of COVID-19. It reduces mortality by up to 70 percent.

An innovative drug reduces hospitalization time

Comparing the 30 patients who tested the new drug with the 60 patients in a similar condition but in a control group in which no experiments are performed, it can be seen that only 6.7 percent of patients treated with MesenCure died from Covid- 19 or its complications. At the same time, there were deaths of 23.3%. control patients. As the data show, MesenCure also shortened the hospitalization period from 17.2 days to 9.4 days.

“The results are better than we expected,” said Bonus BioGroup CEO Dr. Shai Meretzki.

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Research in the laboratory

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What is MesenCure therapy?

MesenCure is a therapy that injects the patient with live cells that move through the bloodstream until they reach the inflamed lungs. The cells contained in the preparation secrete anti-inflammatory and regenerative factors, suppressing the cytokine storm and limiting the further development of the inflammatory process. After the inflammation is reduced and excess fluid is removed from the lungs, respiratory failure resolves.

The drug was tested on 50 patients aged 41-77 years. Most had comorbidities such as diabetes, obesity or hypertension, explained Bonus BioGroup’s research manager, Dr. Tomer Bronshtein.

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Covid drugs and vaccinations

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