A new fitness area for elderly users in via Di Vittorio

The restyling of the area continues

Therestyling of via Di Vittorio, in the name of well-being and free time. Not so long ago, in fact, an area equipped for fitness was created in the area, through the installation of outdoor sports equipment. Now, thanks to an additional loan of € 48,823.38 from the Fund for Development and Cohesion – 2014-2020 programming obtained by the Municipality of Noci in order to incentivize social infrastructure investmentsasoft-fitness areain order to expand the offer of spaces foroutdoor activities even for more advanced age group userswith the choice of equipment that can be used by everyone, at all levels.

Specifically, the project involves the installation of a stretching station, a station to improve balance, a tool for joint mobility of the torso and shoulders, 2 steps, some cardio tools: a tool for simulating walking (Air Walker), a tool for coordinated mobility of legs and arms (Crosstrainer) and a tool for strengthening the high muscle groups. The equipment will be installed on a new floor finished in sports resin to also guarantee free body exercises.

«As an Administration we are constantly working to seize every financing opportunity useful for improving the appearance and liveability of public spaces – comments the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Public Works, lawyer. Rocco Mansueto. – Creating areas for outdoor sports accessible to all is an important factor in promoting well-being and in revaluing places otherwise underutilized. In this case we are going to pay attention to an older user, for which the benefits deriving from physical activity are known, giving further social significance to the intervention.“.

The goal of improving the functionality and decor of public spaces continues to be pursued, in synergy, by encouraging outdoor sports – adds the Councilor for Urban Decor, Christmas Conforti. – The first intervention carried out in the area received a very positive response from the people of Nocesi, who already used to choose the green area of ​​Via Di Vittorio to run and keep fit and we are sure that they will also appreciate this further implementation. Moreover, the restoration of the existing benches, which are currently damaged, is also planned in the area“.

The implementation of well-being promotion policies, also through sport, was part of our program, in which we had the ambition to create the conditions to make Noci a “city of health” – declares the Mayor, dr. Domenico Nisi. – With these interventions, the so-called “citizenship sport” is promoted: creating spaces for outdoor socializing for all ages is made of civilization, in the sense of promoting equal opportunities, contrasting the phenomenon of isolation and greater livability of our neighborhoods“.

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