A new historic record for wheat prices on the Paris Stock Exchange

Last week, grain prices on the world markets increased mostly. Wheat on Matif gained 0.8 percent for a week. and is the most expensive in the history of quotes.

It was another very good week of wheat trading on the Parisian trading floor. Wheat in the contract with the delivery in December on Friday, the price of Matif increased by 0.9 percent. to 299.75 EUR / t (1404 PLN / t), and in y / y terms the quotations increased by 42.2%. On the other hand, over the past week, the price of wheat has risen by 0.8 percent. The price achieved is the highest in the history of quotations, and the level of PLN 1,500 / t I forecast a few weeks ago is only less than PLN 100. From September 10 this year. (the beginning of the current wave of growth) the quotes have already risen by 27.4%. On Monday afternoon the price broke the level of EUR 300 / t with force.

price corn on the Paris stock exchange in the January contract fell by 0.2 percent on Friday. and amounted to EUR 248.75 / t (PLN 1165 / t), and over the last year it increased by 27.9%. During the week, the quotes increased by 2.1 percent.

Wheat on CBoT in the December contract on Friday went up 0.4 percent. and cost $ 302.40 / t. In y / y terms, the quotes increased by 39.1%. Over the last week, the price has risen by 0.6 percent. US wheat is trading at its highest since December 2012. The price of corn for December delivery on the Chicago Stock Exchange fell 0.4 percent. and amounted to USD 224.70 / t, and over the last year it increased by 35.1 percent. Over the last week, the quotes fell by 1.1 percent.

Matif Wheat, December contract – price increased by 0.93 percent. (EUR 299.75 / t – PLN 1,404 / t).

Graph 1.

The quotations of December wheat futures contracts expressed in zlotys are presented in the chart below:

Graph 2

In the continuation chart below, the wheat contracts traded on the Paris Stock Exchange are dominated by a long-term uptrend, medium-term uptrend, short-term uptrend.

Chart 3

CBOT wheat, December contract – price increased by 0.37 percent. (302.40 USD / t- 1254 PLN / t).

Chart 4

The Chicago stock exchange is currently dominated by long-term upward trend, medium-term upward trend, short-term upward trend.

Chart 5

Matif corn, January contract – price fell by 0.20 percent. (EUR 248.75 / t – PLN 1165 / t).

Chart 6

Quotations of November corn futures contracts expressed in PLN are presented in the chart below:

Graph 7

In the continuation chart below for corn contracts listed on the Paris stock exchange, long-term growth dominates, medium-term is upward, short-term upward.

Chart 8

CBOT corn, December contract – price fell by 0.39 percent. (224.70 USD / t- 932 PLN / t).

Chart 9

The continuation chart of corn contracts quoted on CBOT is dominated by a long-term upward trend, medium-term upward trend, short-term upward trend.

Chart 10

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