A new historical record for the price of rapeseed on MATIF

Yesterday’s quotations of oil futures on the global stock exchanges ended with significant price increases. Rapeseed on MATIF increased by 2.2 percent. and is the most expensive in the history of quotes.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a streak of oilseeds on world exchanges. Yesterday, the quotations of rape on MATIF in the contract with delivery in February increased by 2.2%. to EUR 788.25 / t (PLN 3,605) / t) and are by 83.4 percent. higher than at this time a year ago. As can be seen in the chart below, the price adjustment at the end of last year was more than compensated for in two days, which resulted in the achievement of a new historical price record. At the moment, the market seems to be so strong that it is even difficult to forecast a possible range of increases.

American soybeans went up 2.6 percent yesterday. to 506.60 USD / t and is 2.1 percent. more expensive than at this time a year ago. The price achieved yesterday is the highest since August 13 last year. Canadian canola quotes yesterday rose by 2.8 percent. to 1,041.30 CAD / t and are higher by 65.8 percent. than a year ago.

MATIF rape, February contract – price increased by 2.20 percent. (EUR 788.25 / t – PLN 3605 / t).

Quotations of the February rapeseed futures contracts expressed in PLN are presented in the chart below:

In the continuation chart below for the rapeseed contracts traded on the Matif, a long-term uptrend is dominating, the medium-term is an uptrend and a short-term uptrend.

Soybean CBOT, January contract – price increased by 2.59 percent. (506.60 USD / t – 2050 PLN / t).

The soybean stock in Chicago is upward – long-term, medium-term upward, short-term upward.

Canola WCE, January contract – price increased by 2.81% (CAD 1,041.30 / t – PLN 3,306 / t).

In Winnipeg, canola is dominated by long-term uptrend, medium-term uptrend and short-term uptrend.

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