A new Kane in the team? Pochettino responded!

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Chelsea eventually improved. The London club, who have been struggling for several months, have achieved two consecutive wins against Brighton and Fulham. At the head of this young team, we now find Mauricio Pochettino, who achieved miracles in this configuration with Tottenham a few years ago. Furthermore, many believe the Argentine could make scorer Armando Broza his new Harry Kane on the Cottagers pitch on Monday evening. Which the Blues coach refused to listen to.

No comparison is possible between Broza and Kane!

In a press conference, the former PSG coach refused any comparison: “Don’t compare what I did to Kane and now Broza. He is very young, if you want to play for a big club like Chelsea you have to be patient and show that you can do it. Undoubtedly he has to prove and give everything to become another important striker in this big club” he said. As a reminder, the Albanian international found the net at Craven Cottage for the first time in 359 days, making it a big hit.

to sum up

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino has spoken about comparing one of his scorers to Harry Kane. Many believe the Argentinian could become their new Harry Kane after scorer Armando Broza took to the Cottagers’ pitch on Monday evening. Which the Blues coach refused to listen to.

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