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Tobias Lindh, who regularly shoots films over the Giga Berlin-Brandenburg, captured the brand new Tesla Model Y on the premises of the German Tesla factory. There was a theory that it was one of the first cars to leave the assembly line. The plants may start later this year, and mass production will start next year.

Black Tesla Model Y in Giga Berlin

The Tesla visible in the photos does not have license plates, so we are looking at a variant that has recently left a factory. But the accuracy of the fit suggests that it is a benchmark car from Giga Shanghai rather than the one that was used to calibrate the assembly line in Gruenheide, Germany. The car is a Tesla Model Y Long Range, as evidenced by the inscription “Dual Motor” without underlining:

Although the Tesle Model Y produced in Giga Berlin was to have two castings and a structured battery based on 4680 cells from the beginning, there are too few of the latter to be able to mass-produce batteries using them. During the recent quarterback, Elon Musk confessed that he has a backup plan. It seems that the first electric crossovers “Made in Germany” will still have 2170 cells known to us from Tesla Model 3 and previous Models Y.

On Monday, November 22, the time for objections to Giga Berlin, which would prevent the manufacturer from issuing a final building permit, has expired. In an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost website, the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg (German Land) expressed his optimism regarding the development of the situation. In his opinion, the conclusions will not lead to big problems, so the first German Tesla should roll off the assembly lines later this year. Mass production of cars will start in 2022.

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