A new operator arrives in Colombia and contributes to bridging the digital divide in the southwestern part of the country

according to him Ministry of Technology and CommunicationsAs of May 2022, 69.1% of Colombia’s population had an Internet connection, meaning that more than 35 million people were connected. However, there are still huge digital and social gaps that the country is committed to bridging.

Mobile and broadband connections are undoubtedly one of the most important factors in the context of digital transformation. According to telesemana.comBetween 2020 and 2022, the use of internet service and new fiber optic networks is expected to increase from 48% to 62%. It simply indicates that the country has allies that allow it to generate greater connectivity.

It is important to understand that access to these types of telecom services goes hand in hand with financial inclusion, as it does not just mean providing coverage to a municipal seat; But to find a public strategy that actually fosters greater connectivity so that it’s sustainable over time.

Facing this challenge, the ISP is primarily focused on providing high-capacity fiber internet service to its IP Technologies corporate customers, which have a metropolitan network in over 30 municipalities in the southwestern part of the country. thank you for your association with Add Incorporated mobile telephony into its service portfolio and launched its own operator mobile ip,

The company aims to provide a personalized and immersive 360 ​​experience to its customers. One can have a comprehensive service at home with internet speed of 500 or 1000 megabits and that best suits their needs’ Victor PalaciosCompany CEO.

mobile ip depends on the latest generation technology and in-house development of Add, to incorporate mobile telephony into their portfolio of services – voice, SMS, internet, mobile in 2G/3G/4G and also in 5G – which will allow them, in the future, to differentiate themselves by service and continue to grow Will give State-of-the-art, robust, secure and proven technology platform Add Guarantees you the highest level of flexibility, autonomy and independence in the administration and management of the service. with this mobile ip Seeks to bridge the digital divide in the country and reach out to areas where there is no fixed operator or fixed telephony.

He isp It has a presence in Caqueta, Putumayo, Nariño and Cauca; Thanks for including Mobile through its new line of business mobile ipWill present this service on the platform of across the country AddThus became the triple play operator.

“Together with Suma Móvil, we are committed to a connected Colombia, which is why we have consolidated ourselves as a benchmark operator that seeks to strengthen the relationship with the client every day,” he concluded. palaces,

Line of control

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