A new simulation shows how the Moon could have formed within hours

There moon is returning to be an important element forhuman exploration in space (after the Apollo missions). The our natural satellite is already the subject of robotic missions by different nations and in the near future the human being will get back on it thanks to the international consortium Artemis (led by the USA) as well as with the new missions with lander and rover Chang’e and Luna respectively of China and Russia (in view of the implementation of the ILRS).

One of the main questions that also has to do with its current structure is how the satellite was formed. The most accepted theory is that Theia (a planet similar to Mars) impacted billions of years ago with a primordial version of the Land leading to the formation of the two main bodies in our Planet and in the creation of the natural satellite thanks to the ejected material it remained in orbit. But how long did it take for the debris to consolidate? Now we may have a new answer.

The formation of the Moon could have occurred in a few hours

A new simulation would have estimated that the training of our Earth’s natural satelliteafter the impact of Theia, it would take place in a few hours and not in months or years as it has been thought up to now. If the new hypothesis, supported by the new study published in these days, takes shape more and more, it could open new scenarios regarding theevolution of the moon.

moon formation

As explained by Jacob Kegerreis (one of the researchers), before computer simulations the group did not know what to expect. The new simulations are among the more high resolution currently available and this is important as the low resolution ones may be missing details that dictated very different timing (from months to hours).

As explained in the study “High-resolution simulations reveal how giant impacts can immediately place a satellite in a broad orbit with a mass and iron content similar to that of the moon. The resulting outer layers rich in prototerrestrial material and new options open for lunar orbit. initial and internal structure could help explain the isotopic composition of the Moon and other unresolved or debated lunar mysteries. The angular momentum of the system can range from the current one to higher values, especially if the rotation of the proto-Earth is increased. “.

moon formation

Understanding the training of the moon, combined with past, present and future studies of rock samples could explain why the satellite has such a similar composition to that of Earth and different from those of Mars or other objects in the Solar System. With the simulation it is possible to understand how the satellite is so similar to our Planet (as an isotopic signature) because the first would mainly consist of the surface layers of the second. Rapid formation would therefore help reconcile both its composition and structure and its current orbit.

moon formation

Obviously it is not a definitive answer. Further studies will be needed on the rock samples and from different parts and at different depths of our satellite. New data may therefore seek to explain both the birth that thecurrent evolution(and the future) of moon as well as of the Earth. This would be applicable both to the system we know best but also to exoplanets and related satellites outside the Solar System.

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