a new thriller is coming with Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway

After her recent Oscar win for Best Actress in Tammy Faye’s Eyes, Jessica Chastain returns to our screens alongside Anne Hathaway in a psychological thriller called Mothers’ Instinct.

The film will be based on the novel Derrière la Haine by Barbara Abel, and tells the story of Alice and Celine, two friends and neighbors who live a dream life in the 60s. In fact, women have successful husbands and children of the same age, but this perfect life will be broken by a tragic accident, which will give rise to a sense of guilt, suspicion and paranoia, while the bond between the two will be tested. In all of this, Alice and Celine’s maternal instincts will come out, bringing out their darker side.

Mothers’ Instinct will be presented by the famous Neon studio, e produced by the same Chastain and Hathaway among others. The latter, which recently appeared in the TV series WeCrashed, is preparing to return to the big screen shortly with James Gray’s Armageddon Time, which will have its premiere in Cannes. Kelly Carmichael with the Freckle Films banner will also be in the production booth with the leading actresses of Mothers’ Instinct.

What do you think of this new psychological thriller on the way?

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