A parrot and nothing else! Kim Kardashian is photographed like this. Bomb! (and has hours)


Kim Kardashian wanted to reflect her mood on Valentine’s Day with a curious image that did not make it very clear if she was dressed or not. In the photograph, she appeared with a parrot on her shoulder and I sent her a kiss with very painted lips that surprised more than one.

However, it does not seem to have greatly improved the mood of the American businesswoman since the publication has been one that has had less return in a long time with just 1.4 million likes, a very low figure to be her, and only 31 interactions.

Some worrying numbers for a socialite who is seeing how her step-sister Kylie Jenner is surpassing her on Instagram and especially in advertising contracts in recent months.

The beginning of the end of Kim Kardashian?

He has been talking about them for a few months now and it is that Kim Kardashian has lost a lot of influence since the end of 2016 and is currently in popularity levels of 2007, something of concern for the American.

We are not at the best moment of the Kardashian and it is being reflected more than ever in a Kim Kardashian who is trying to do many different things in recent months without much success.

A cover that marked a before and after

In fact, after the famous cover of 2014 in Paper in which Kim Kardashian appeared without just clothes was the beginning of the end. That was the definitive boom of the sisters, but it could only be maintained for two years.

The family reality has plummeted in 2017 and has not recovered, something that has affected all the sisters.



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