A ponytail in 4 ways, or how to ponytail your hair so that it is not cliche. Not only on a daily basis, but also for a bigger occasion

A ponytail is perhaps one of the most popular hairstyles. No wonder, it is very easy to make. Even if we decide on a more sophisticated version of the hairstyle. Here are 4 different ways of combing your hair into a ponytail. Get inspired!

Its execution literally takes a moment, and you do not have to be a hairdressing master – quite the opposite! Ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to do, maybe that’s what makes it so popular. Additional advantage? Ponytail is very comfortable wearable (forget the unruly strands tangling against your face), so much so that it’s a great hairstyle for jogging and other activities. But not only. It works both on a daily basis and for a larger occasion. You just need to know how to make it. Because you don’t have to stick to just one version. You have no idea? We advise how to ponytail hair in 4 different ways. You can be sure that you will lose your head for them.

A ponytail in 4 different ways, or how to ponytail your hair so that it does not blow boredom

Let’s start with that The rubber band you pick up your hair into a ponytail changes a lot. Among the girls from the fashion industry (including us), as well as the French it-girls, scrunchie, that is crinkled elastic bands made of cotton and silk fabrics, dominate. The latter are not only very elegant – so much so that you can wear them also for more festive occasions, such as a cocktail party or wedding, but they are also gentle on the hair. Advantages only! However, you can also fasten your hair with an effective Invisibobble buckle or elastic, which was created to avoid breaking your hair, even when you go to sleep in it! A headband is also a good idea for a ponytail – velvety and wide like Prada’s, or inlaid with semi-precious stones and crystals. You can choose the color.

But hair accessories are one thing, and the way they are pinned up is another, so we come to the point. Here are 4 ways to get a ponytail.

1. Low ponytail with an asymmetric parting

Ponytail number 1 will be the perfect choice for work. Modest and elegant at the same time, and at the same time so quick to make that even if you react to the alarm clock only after the third nap. I am talking about a low ponytail, gathered at the level of the neck. In order not to be boring, instead of parting in the middle, it is worth putting on the one on the side of the head (asymmetrical) and on one side, pin elegant hairpins in your hair.

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2. A tall and smooth ponytail – perfect for a party

An even more stylish version of a ponytail that will be perfect for larger exits? Ponytail tall and smooth. In order to make the hair perfectly smooth after collecting the hair in a ponytail, it is worth reaching for a bit of hair gel and then using a comb to “prick it” into the hair. Just like Bella Hadid and the influencers who try to recreate a sleek bob in her style. Successfully. Coming back to the ponytail, it is worth adding that to make it even more elegant, it is worth wrapping the rubber band around it with the hair so that it hides the accessory (cleverly inserting the hair tip under the elastic band). Just like the girl in the photo below did.

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3. You brush your ponytail like a Frenchwoman

Do you prefer more casual hairstyles? French it-girls come with inspiration: Louise Foillan, Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol. Parisian women tie their hair into a ponytail loosely and (seemingly) carelessly. Without worrying about protruding baby hair and disorder on the head – it only adds nonchalance to the hairstyle! Another telltale sign? Curtain bangs, or fringe that looks a bit like curtains. It is long enough to be moved sideways to reveal the forehead (and eyes). Fashionable for several seasons, it is still on top. And with a loose ponytail it looks great!

4. Pony 2 in 1

Can’t decide whether you prefer ponytail or loose hair? This season you don’t have to choose. A ponytail made of only half of the hair is popular – just like in the 90s. It adds aggressiveness, but also rejuvenates, which is why it is worth liking it all the more. How to do it? The starting point is loose hair. Then collect the ones on top of the head, first grabbing the strands by the face. And we tie it in a ponytail. Just like in the picture below. As you can see, such a pony tail It will work not only in sports or rock’n’roll stylizations, but also in tandem with a romantic dress.

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