A portrait of Marilyn Monroe is worth as much as Vini Jr and Neymar

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe was auctioned this Monday (9/5) for US$ 195 million (R$ 1 billion at today’s price), at Christie’s, in New York, one of the most important art companies in the world, founded in 1766.

The “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn”, conceived by Andy Warhol in 1964, became the most expensive piece of art of the 20th century. Still, it fell short of the expectations of auctioneers and collectors, who believed the work would reach $200 million.

So I decided to quickly do some math here and came to the conclusion that this wonderful silkscreen by Marilyn, 100cm x 100cm – based on a promotional photo of the movie Niagara, starring the actress – is worth as much as Vinícius Jr and Neymar, the two most valuable players in the world. Brazilian football today.

According to the website Transfermarket, Vinícius Jr is worth 100 million euros (R$ 545 million), while Neymar is quoted in the football market at 90 million euros (R$ 490 million).

We get used to talking about figures that involve football and sport in general, and sometimes forget to value works like these.

Neymar, Vinícius Júnior, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Messi… they will all pass. Works of art are eternal.

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