A recipe for a French dessert called galette des rois. How to prepare it at home

France is eagerly awaited for the Epiphany. Although the first galettes des rois appear in shops and bakeries after the New Year, they are sold the most on January 6.

-French people cannot imagine their Christmas dinner without this dessert. Therefore, in the Epiphany, they patiently wait in their favorite bakeries from the morning, even in long queues – confirms Alicja Parvine, tour guide in Paris and an expert on French cuisine (many interesting facts on her IG – from warsaw to paris) This tradition is still alive, because it is also associated with a nice accent. There is friction in it figurine, Anyone who finds it in their portion has good luck for the whole year and a crown for the evening, which is why the paper crown is often attached to baking.

-The youngest family member goes under the table and manages who to give the next pieces of tarts. This still amuses the French, although you have to be careful with your teeth when eating. Last year I had a figurine, although, as always, my children were counting on it – adds Alicja Parvine.

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