A relative of LeBron returned his cash jacket: “Jordan is…”

In recent years, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have often been pitted against each other to determine who was the greatest player of all time. Recently, a close friend of Raja spoke out and it seems he has changed his mind to a great extent…

For several years now, there has been a debate between Michael Jordan And LeBron James is furious. Determining which of the two is the greatest of all time seems really subjective, as it mostly depends on the sensibilities of each one. So opinions differ among people who have played with one or the other and who have suffered trauma from either.

However, American journalists rarely refrain from asking questions of their speakers. So many stars have already given their opinion on the subject and no real trend has emerged. Recently, Iman Shumpert, a friend of the chosen one, had the courage to talk about it on the microphone of Draft Kings. Looks like the former Cleveland has changed his mind compared to his previous visits…

Iman Shumpert settles on the LeBron/MJ debate

A year ago, Shump admitted he ranked Michael Jordan above Lebron James, At the time, the former Cavaliers fullback considered MJ an outlier in the debate, but things have changed since then. After becoming the all-time leading scorer, King has won the favor of his former teammate, who now puts him in the limelight:

That’s right, I let my guard down and I say this: LeBron James, you’re the best, do you understand that? You are the greatest of all time, you got me. I think Michael Jordan is the greatest competitor of all time, there is no one like him. But when we talk about the face that represents basketball, LeBron has truly done a phenomenal job.

I talk about him as much as LeBron, I forget our brother-sister relationship. JJ Reddick got to analyze all his career statistics by busting myths like clutch moments when he is the biggest scorer in these moments. Ever since he became the greatest scorer in history, I started to wonder what’s stopping me from considering him the best.

According to Iman Shumpert, the debate is finally over! If he is close to LeBron, it seems like he wants to forgo this friendship in order to maintain maximum objectivity and be fair. So it only remains for Laker to win a trophy or two more so that popular opinion slowly swings towards his side. Anyway, we doubt we should be entitled to another outing like this as two individuals reveling passion.

So Iman Shumpert, friend and former teammate of LeBron James, penned a beautiful tribute to him. If a year ago he took the side of Michael Jordan, the former Cleveland has picked the king in the GOAT debate today.

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