A review dedicated to the director Park Chan-Wook arrives at the Circuito Cinema Genova

Genoa. A review dedicated to the South Korean director Park Chan-Wook arrives at the Circuito Cinema Genova, pending the release of his latest film “Decision to Leave” on February 2, awarded for Best Director at Cannes and nominated by Korea for the Oscar race.

Appointment in Genoa in the hall in Vico Carmagnola starting from Tuesday 24 January with the filmography of Park Chanwook, from the famous Revenge Trilogy (Mr. Vendetta, Old Boy and Lady Vendetta) up to the most recent Mademoiselle.

The film festival will end on Wednesday 1 February with a special preview of “Decision to Leave”, during which exclusive gadgets inspired by the film will be distributed.

All the info will be available on the website www.luckyred.it

For the occasion, the films will be screened in their original subtitled version.

At the end of the review, on Wednesday 1 February, a special preview of “Decision to leave” will be held at the Cinema Circuito City in Genoa, during which exclusive gadgets inspired by the film will be distributed.


Mr. VENGEANCE (2002), the first chapter of the famous “Trilogy”, lays the foundations for a sort of physiology of revenge itself. Sensational film, Park Chan-wook has never hidden that he considers the vengeful act under two different aspects. On the one hand, the idea of ​​revenge as something perversely cathartic. On the other hand, its fulfillment, which the director always outlines as something purely irrational and uncontrollable.

OLDBOY (2003), presented at the Cannes Film Festival and awarded the Grand Jury Prize, immediately won over the critics and is now considered a spearhead of Korean cinema, a true cult film on the Asian scene. An original, taut film with a strong visual impact and full of twists and turns, which has captivated viewers from all over the world with its immediate and visionary power.

LADY VENGEANCE (2005), the third, shocking, film of the ‘Trilogy”. If in Mr. Vendetta Park Chan-wook recounted an unconscious journey towards self-destruction of the protagonists, and if in Oldboy violence was an integral and essential part of the story, in Lady Vendetta, the protagonist, rather than pursuing her own impulse to take revenge, look for a way that can guarantee her salvation.


I’M A CYBORG, BUT THAT’S OKAY (2006), winner of the Alfred Bauer prize as most innovative work at the Berlin Film Festival, Park Chan-wook tells the viewer a colorful and wonderful fairy tale. In the images, dialogues and music of rare beauty, he manages to convey delicacy even when the narration puts us in front of scenes worthy of the worst violence.

THIRST (2009), second film by the director presented at Cannes, winner of the Jury Prize. Film much loved by the director, who has never made a secret of considering it one of his best. The realization of the project took a very long time, until the final result was completed: one of Park Chan-wook’s masterpieces.

STOKER (2013), Park Chan-wook’s first feature film in English, starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode, further consolidates the internationally recognized auteur. Sensual and enigmatic work, full of Hitchcockian echoes.


MADEMOISELLE (2016), the director’s third time in competition at Cannes. A new and seductive thriller inspired by the novel “Ladra” by British writer Sarah Waters. The director’s first period film which places the story in colonial Korea and Japan in the 1930s.


Awarded at the Cannes Film Festival for Best Director, “Decision to leave” is the new film by Park Chan-wook, which after the Trilogy of revenge chooses the path of a refined sentimental thriller. While investigating the death of a man who mysteriously fell from the mountain, detective Hae Jun meets the elusive Seo-rae, the victim’s young widow, who doesn’t seem to be shocked by the disappearance of her husband and who, for this very reason, immediately becomes the main suspect of the murder. Guilty or innocent? Melancholy and mysterious, the woman manages to arouse the detective’s interest and ignite in him a disruptive passion, which will lead him to endanger her profession.

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