A Saturday with the “White Night of the Harvest” – Il Golfo 24

The weekend in Forio is characterized by two unmissable events organized by the Municipality. It started last night Friday 23 September at 9.00 pm in Piazza Municipio with the expected return of the US Naval Forces Europe and Africa Band Flagship Group, director LCDR Kelly Cartwright. Like other ensembles, this group often assumes the role of the symbolic ambassador of the United States. The exhibitions span all of Europe and even the African continent. The presence in the Municipality of Torrione is due to the contacts and the active collaboration of Giovanni Schiano, who has already managed to create the right bridge between the green island and this important artistic reality on other occasions. Tonight, after the success of the past few years, the third edition of the “White Night of the Harvest”, conceived by the Mayor Del Deo and artistically coordinated by Gaetano Maschio, will return to Panza. The event will pay homage to the most beautiful traditions of our land. The “historical-traditional route” will wind from 7.00 pm along the avenue, which leads to the center of Panza, via Cav. Leonardo Impagliazzo, with scenes of peasant life, which will bring back those who participate, in the typical atmosphere of the past. Thanks to the setting up of appropriate stations, we will relive the various stages of the harvest from the grape harvest in the vineyards to the barefoot pressing in the cellars, from the workshop of the master coopers to the ancient crafts, without forgetting the conservation activities of the products of the earth. dear to our ancestors and has come down to us. On the streets and in the shops we will meet characters from the past, also re-proposed in an iconographic exhibition, and along the stairs of the church of San Leonardo we will witness scenes of real life. The parade of the Aurora Band – Città di Panza and a tasting of typical products will enrich the historical-cultural proposal.


Each station will be treated in detail thanks to the imagination and sense of self-denial of the associations involved: Actus Tragicus Association, Fantasynapoli APS Association, Monterone Folkloristic Association, I Cavalieri dell’Isola Verde Association, MACSS Association collaborated by Carucce & Co. , Parrocchia S. Leonardo A. and Proloco Panza (Theater section) without forgetting the private individuals, who joined with a great spirit of participation. At 9.00 pm in Piazza S. Leonardo the second exciting appointment with the US Naval Forces Europe and Africa Band Flagship Group, LCDR director Kelly Cartwright, on the engaging notes of the most beautiful international music. At 22.15, for the first time in Ischia, the highly anticipated show by UCCIO DE SANTIS, “Stasera con Uccio”, which will give a lot of fun with its enthralling comedy in “I tell you about my Mudù”, the show that is literally depopulating in all over Italy and abroad. A unique evening of its kind, which will start from 19.00 and will continue until late, remaining in the minds of those who want to be present.

(photo Elena Mazzella – Nicola Migliaccio)

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