A scandal in France! Payet hit by a bottle from the stands, game aborted [WIDEO] Soccer ball

It was the very beginning of the game. Dimitri Payet moved to the corner to take a corner for his side. The Frenchman was setting up the ball when suddenly, at high speed, a full plastic bottle of water flew towards him and hit him in the head, near the ear. Payet fell to the pitch, and the referee stopped the game after a while. The players then went to the dressing room. It is still unknown whether the match will resume.

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“If PSG doesn’t win the Champions League, it will become an even bigger meme than it was.”

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Another Ligue 1 scandal. Dimitri Payet hit by a bottle

This is another scandal caused by hooligans at the Ligue 1 games. The number of incidents this season is staggering. Kacper Sosnowski wrote about them on Sport.pl.

“At the opening of the season in the match between Montpellier and Marseille, flares flew onto the pitch, the bottle hit Valentin Rongier’s face and cut his lip. The referee interrupted the match for 12 minutes. The riots in the stands also occurred after the final whistle. the hosts ran in after Dimitri Payet threw a bottle that was flying towards him. The field was a struggle. Fans were increasing, the hosts’ players helped to calm them down, players from Marseille quickly went to the dressing room, although the OM staff was still pushing with They wanted to continue the game, but the visitors did not come out on the pitch anymore. Dantesian scenes were also played in Lens during the derby in Lille. When torn chairs were being thrown between the visitors and the host sectors, several hundred fans rushed across the pitch to the visitors’ sector. out of control, the police had to intervene. Six people were injured, two were arrested. The other half of the meeting was and much delayed “- our journalist enumerated. And that’s not all of them yet. In addition, we can expect that there will be more similar events.

The match between Lyon and Marseille has been interrupted. Arkadiusz Milik appears in the first line-up of the guests.

Media: PSG returns to FC Barcelona.  Raiola is already workingMedia: PSG returns to FC Barcelona. Raiola is already working

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