A scandal in Germany. Cards with a “Jewish star” were put up

According to the police, a total of 14 A4-size cards were placed in the city center. These were apparently to follow the 2G rule (admission only for people vaccinated and recovered from Covid-19), applicable in retail to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The police are investigating a crime.

The pages were spotted on Sunday and removed immediately.

Affected traders were outraged that advertisements had been placed in their stores – writes SWR.

The city of Bruchsal condemned the action. “This is absolutely unacceptable and must be prosecuted immediately with all force,” says mayor Cornelia Petzold-Schick, quoted by the portal.

The drawings are meant to be an allusion to the times of National Socialism, when Jews were ordered to wear armbands identifying them with the Star of David. After numerous anti-Semitic incidents at demonstrations by coronersceptics in Germany, incl. in Munich, the yellow star was banned last year as a sign of protest during demonstrations.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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