A scandal in Germany. The MEP mocked the deceased head of the European Parliament

The German broadcaster ARD found outrageous statements by Festa, which he posted in an internal party chat on WhatsApp.

“Finally, this dirty pig is gone,” wrote the MEP of the Alternative for Germany. “An anti-democrat, a disgrace to any idea of ​​parliamentarism,” he said elsewhere.

Fest comments, the boss cuts himself off

After these words were leaked to the media, Fest published a statement in which he excused himself from his speech. However, the word “sorry” was not mentioned. He stated that the disclosure of the news was “regrettable” and that the image of the deceased that emerged from fragments of his speech was “incomplete”.

The leader of the AfD party, Jörg Meuthen, distanced himself from his colleague’s party statement.

“Such a statement about a colleague who has just died from a serious illness is disturbing, deeply repulsive and unforgivable,” he told ARD.

An official AfD commentary after Sassoli’s death stated that he had died “much too soon”.

David Sassoli is dead

David Sassoli, the President of the European Parliament, died on Monday night. He was 65 years old. The sad news was shared on Twitter by Roberto Cuillo, spokesman for the President of the EP.

“David Sassoli died on January 11th at 1:15 am at the CRO (Oncology Reference Center) in Aviano, Italy, where he was hospitalized since December 26,” wrote Cuillo.

“The date and place of the funeral will be announced in the coming hours,” he added

The President of the European Parliament has been in one of the Italian hospitals since December 26.

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