A Secret Document About the Challenger 2 Tank Has Been Published on the War Thunder Forum

One of the players of the online action movie War Thunder on the game forum expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the Challenger 2 tank is depicted in the project. The player identified himself as a former crew commander of the Challenger 2 tank and a member of the British Army unit responsible for weapons testing. And to prove his words, he posted secret documentation.

“Tankist” has published scans of the tank’s manual pages with UK RESTRICTED seals. At the same time, part of the text not related to the characteristics of the tank was painted over in black. The player suggested that the developers pay attention to the real performance characteristics in order to increase the realism of War Thunder.

However, Gaijin Entertainment is in no hurry to take advantage of the classified documentation. The scans were removed, and the forum administration announced that the company received a written confirmation from the UK Department of Defense: the leadership remains classified. For its publication under British law can face up to 14 years in prison.

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