“A serious job” by Thomas Lilti at the cinema


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A serious job by Thomas Lilti

cinema / comedy

  • national release on September 13, 2023
  • Of Thomas Lilti
  • With Vincent Lacoste, François Cluzet, Adele Exarchopoulos…

A serious job: The ideal film to enjoy the start of the new school year!

Classrooms, timetables and students a bit restless form the essential elements of a college. However, what would such a school be without its teachers? Could it be that they really exercise A serious job ?

To try to answer the question, the very heart of the film resides in the roles played by these teachers, played by an eclectic cast of actors. Each brings their own touch of humor and charm, helping to create a tasty mix of colorful personalities. The inimitable François Cluzet embodies a teacher who, in his youth, would have considered spending his days at surf the beach. The talented Adèle Exarchopoulos plays the role of a professor who was said to be a dunce when she was a student herself; William Lebghil interpreter the english teacher that we all wish we had; Louise Bourgoin camp the “famous” professor of history-geography slightly soporificwhile Vincent Lacoste embodies the new math teacher who doesn’t quite know why he’s there.

A serious job turns out to be a real breath of fresh airWho pays tribute to the work of teachers while reminding us that humor can happen anywhere, including in schools! Thanks to its perfect mix of talented actors, funny scenes, moving moments and positive messagesthis film offers a cinematic experience that will warm hearts and bring smiles to every face… Just in time for the new school year!

© Delphine Goby O’Brien for Le Mensuel / Photo DR / September 2023

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