A shameful trial has begun for Georgina Rodriguez, Mrs. Cristiano Ronaldo

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On Tuesday and Wednesday the first legal proceedings began in the lawsuit filed by Georgina Rodriguez against Spanish television channels. Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife has blamed the media for the revelations about her father. She sees this as an invasion of her privacy and demands compensation. Most of all, she wants to prevent other media from investigating her past or her parents. She was not present at the first meetings, leaving her sister and her lawyer to take care of everything.

she wants to hide her past

According to Sport, which disseminated this information, Georgina Rodríguez wants to keep the media as far as possible from her life before 2017 and her meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he’s not proud of certain things? This is possible, if we remember that his father criticized him for turning his back on everyone close to him after being awarded the Ballon d’Or five times…

to sum up

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez has started filing a lawsuit against two television channels for violating her privacy. She blames him for the revelations about her father. The former model can’t stand the media interest in her life before meeting her champion husband.

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