A snow storm is coming over Great Britain

More than eight days of power outage following a snowstorm is “totally unacceptable”, said UK Business and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng. According to the energy supplier organization EAW, 4,025 households in the north of England and Scotland were still without electricity on Sunday morning.

Northern Powergrid, a company that manages the power grids in the North East of England, said it hopes to restore power supplies to all consumers by Tuesday.

Minister Kwarteng traveled to the North East of England to assess in situ why repairs are taking so long in some areas.

– I completely agree that this is completely unacceptable. It is inappropriate that people should be without electricity for such a long period. Nowadays, it shouldn’t be that 4,000 people are without electricity for such a long time – he said.

He added that an investigation would be conducted and that if it turned out that energy companies did not invest in infrastructure, penalties could be imposed on them.

Meanwhile, the Met Office’s meteorological office warned on Sunday that another snowstorm was coming over the UK – the Barra, and it would also pass through those areas that had been hit last. Heavy snowfall, heavy rains and strong winds are announced from Monday, with Barry’s main impact expected on Tuesday.

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