A Sons of Anarchy star lands in the Spin-off Mayans MC

A Sons of Anarchy star lands in the Spin-off Mayans MC

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Warning: this article contains spoilers

When Sons of Anarchy wrapped, only a couple of the original cast members were active on the show, leaving very little chance for a possible crossover with the spin-off series Mayans MC.

Fans have been waiting for Tig’s return (Kim Coates), who was one of the most beloved characters in the TV series, and the fact that he was alive at the end of the parent series gave hope that at some point he would show up in Mayans MC.

During the Season 4 finale, Coates only reprized Tig for a couple of scenes, sharing the screen with Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera). The two were very close during the parent series, and their mutual respect led to a meeting of minds, creating a strong bond of friendship.

For which Tig had a chance to return to the spotlightalso because the actor had it confirmed at the beginning of the season.

The war between the Sons and the Mayans was a cornerstone of the fourth season; Elgin James (co-creator and showrunner) gave the following interview:
I don’t think the past goes away like this. Once the water breaks the levee, I don’t know if it will ever stop flowing. We start the season with a bang, we end up swinging. There is more action in the first episode than in the other 3 previous seasons. We have to take some time for ourselves, but once we start over, there is no longer a way to stop. It will take a whole season, for the rest of the characters it could take a whole life“.

The first three seasons of Mayans MC are available on Disney +.

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