A sports star sells his stunning car for 300 thousand dollars

To the surprise of many, Tom Brady, brand-new quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) is not likely to move to Florida along with his ship, a Cadillac Escalade ESV Edition.

The american football player, a true legend of the sport in the united States, went on sale the imposing vehicle as published today the site ‘Becker Automatic Design’. The value of the same is $ 300,000.

  Photo: beckerautodesign.com
Photo: beckerautodesign.com

The quarterback did not hesitate to praise his Cadillac: “With so little time in my busy schedule the ESV offered me those extra minutes to study my playbook, to call by phone, and being with my family. Thanks to him my productivity increased and my stress decreased.”

  Photo: beckerautodesign.com
Photo: beckerautodesign.com

Tom Brady is married to model Gisele B√ľndchen, and their 42 years old played 41 playoff games since 2001 and won six Super Bowl rings with the Patriots.

Tom Brady. (AFP)
Tom Brady. (AFP)

Hearing record of Brady on the golf course

The triumph Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning held by Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in the duel beneficial “The Match: Champions for Charity” recorded a viewership average of 5.8 million people.

The grief that the number 11 of the PGA Tour and the new quarterback of the Tampa Bay League of American Football (NFL) won the last week in Florida became the event most watched in the history of cable TV in american.

The confrontation, which raised $ 20 million to combat the Covid-19 in the united States, recorded a peak audience of 6.3 million people.

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