A step closer to the construction of the S74 road north of Kielce. GDDKiA with great savings opportunities

Bids in the tender for the construction of expressway 74 from Mniów to the S7 road, the Kielce bypass was opened by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in September last year. The potential contractors stunned the contracting authority. Road workers did not expect that with the rising costs of infrastructure investments, the industry would ask for so little for creating the route.

– It should be remembered that the cheapest offer does not always win, and a reliable valuation of works will allow for effective and timely implementation of works in the future. All the more puzzling are the offers that, at first glance, do not reflect the risks posed by the industry and the observed increases in the prices of construction materials and products. – stated Małgorzata Pawelec-Buras, spokesman for the Kielce branch of GDDKiA after the opening of the bids.

For the construction of approx. 16.4 km of a dual carriageway expressway with a bituminous surface road workers prepared nearly PLN 810 million. Eight offers from industry tycoons were received, some of which were built, among others, by the new A1 motorway in the voivodeship Łódź and Silesia. Each of them is included in the cost estimate, which is not a common situation in itself. The lowest amount is almost PLN 537.7 million. The highest – at about PLN 648.6 million.


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Three months after the opening of GDDKiA, the Kielce branch chose the most advantageous offer. This is the lowest one, which was submitted by the consortium Mirbud SA from Skierniewice (leader) and Kobylarnia SA Małgorzata Pawelec-Buras assures in an interview with Money.pl that the offer has been thoroughly checked in terms of whether it is abnormally low. It is not.

The selection of the best offer is a big step towards the construction of the S74 road, but GDDKiA cannot yet say for sure how much it will save on this investment. Two weeks must now pass, during which appeals against the tender result may be filed. Later, the procedure will be checked by the Public Procurement Office. The PPO will have three weeks to x-ray the tender, but it is not uncommon that such inspections take longer.


Two junctions, twelve viaducts and animal crossings

The tender for the construction of the S74 from Mniów to the Kielce bypass was announced by GDDKiA in the “design and build” formula. Therefore, after signing the contract for the implementation of the investment, construction works will not start immediately. IN In total, the contractor will receive 36 months. Excluding the winter period (from December 15 to March 15), when it will be able to suspend work. He will decide about it himself, and GDDKiA will not charge him a penalty for any voids on the construction site.

Ekspresowa 74 only at approx. 400 m will be built in the footsteps of the existing road. – Starting from Przełom, it will be the existing trail of DK74. Then it will turn to the south-west and, following a new trail, it will connect to the S7 Kielce West junction, built as part of the Kielce bypass – says Pawelec-Buras.


As part of the investment, the contractor will build two junctions: in Mniów (at the junction of the S74 with the existing DK74) and Bugaj (at the intersection with the provincial road No. 748) and the construction of engineering structures. On the new “eska”, 12 road viaducts, two bridges and animal crossings will be built. – Environmental protection devices, access roads and Passenger Service Areas at the level of Przełom will also be built – says a spokeswoman for the Kielce branch of GDDKiA.

What will the S74 expressway change?

GDDKiA, speaking of the expected effects of the construction, indicates that currently the national road No. 74 at the entrance and exit of Kielce towards Mniów and Miedziana Góra is often jammed. However, it is to be important not only for the local residents. It is also to improve travel (especially transit) on the Łódź-Kielce-Rzeszów route.


– The S74 expressway will improve road communication between the Łódzkie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie provinces. Inhabitants of Kielce and the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship will ultimately gain a safe and fast connection to the A1 and A2 motorway junctions – says Pawelec-Buras.

However, there is still a long way to go. The Mniów-Kielce section is one of the S74 implementation stages. Only the Opatów bypass in the province of Opatów is under construction. Świętokrzyskie. In order to actually be able to easily and quickly reach A1 and A2 from Kielce, the GDDKiA branch in Łódź must once again perform a nature inventory in the planned S12 and S74 trail in Łódź.

Adapt the S74 and S12 to the needs of the wolves

The Łódź sections of these expressways have already had an environmental decision. However, environmentalists protested, because the nature research for these investments was carried out over a dozen years ago. And S12 and S74 will interfere with the Sulejów Landscape Park and the Pilczan Protected Landscape Area. The General Director of Environmental Protection ordered another inventory.

GDOŚ in the appeal to GDDKiA indicated, for example, that S74 will intersect, among others wolf migration corridor. The length of about 36 km. In addition, he admitted to environmentalists that too small passages for animals were planned in some places. Road workers are at the stage of selecting a company that will take care of the inventory. The contractor will get 20 months.


The construction of the S74 is included in the National Road Construction Program, which is to be implemented by 2030.


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