A strange and dangerous technique is all the rage on TikTok, “convulsions, coma”

On TikTok, a trend aimed at making acne disappear is all the rage. The problem is that it poses a serious danger to those who would follow it.

On TikTok, trends and tips are raging. And some of these trends, which have a wide echo on the platform, endanger users, sometimes very young. Able to offer both the best and the worst, TikTok currently offers beauty advice, offering a solution to acne, and therefore targeting a young audience all the more. This consists in consuming the almond which is located in the heart of the kernel of the apricot. But there is a major problem, reported by our colleagues on the site missis that it is highly toxic if consumed outside of the daily recommendations.

Anti-blackhead smoothie, technique to grow hair faster, all the advice is scrutinized on TikTok. But this trend concerns a well-known and dreaded problem among teenagers: acne. A skin problem that affects many people during their lives and the stars are not spared either, like Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner or Cameron Diaz to name a few. On the Chinese social network, for the past few weeks, videos offering a technique to fight against this skin problem have been raining. This encourages the consumption of almonds contained in apricot kernels in order to fight against the appearance of some unsightly pimples. But that’s why consuming it can be very dangerous.

Loss of consciousness, even a coma

The almond…

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