A strange game in Portugal! Benfika faced a decimated rival [WIDEO]

This match will go down in history. Beleneses players faced Benfica in the 12th round of the Portuguese league. The circumstances of the meeting, however, were truly exceptional.

Team Beleneses entered the competition despite being decimated by the coronavirus. As reported by journalists, the team found as many as 17 cases of coronavirus.

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The club did not intend to forfeit the match and, despite the dramatic situation, started the game. The staff shortages were visible to the naked eye.

The hosts went out to the game in nine. They included two goalkeepers – one was in the goal, the other was playing in the field. There was no one on the bench.

No wonder then that the meeting was one-sided. The first goal was scored in the first minute. Then Kau scored a suicide hit.

Benfika prevailed and scored points for helpless rivals. It was 0: 7 until the break. Seferović scored the double, Nunez completed the hat-trick, and Weigl scored one.

As if that were not enough, during the break, Beleneses players began to consider not to go out for the second half. Eventually, they appeared on the pitch in seven, the game started, but the game was not fully played.

One of the hosts’ players reported an injury almost immediately and the referee ended the game due to insufficient players for Beleneses.

OS Belenenses Lisbon

0 – 7


Nov 27, 2021 | 21:30

Benfica Lisbon

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