a strange teaser for the thriller from the director of Spring Breakers

Aggro Dr1ftnew film by Harmony Korine, reveals itself a little more with a teaser before its debut at the Venice Film Festival.

After discovering the superb trailer for The Killer by David Fincher, here are some new images on another hitman movie. It will nevertheless be a little more difficult to decide if we are as enthusiastic to discover it, even if Harmony Korine (director of spring breakers) promised us heavy..

Because, according to him, Aggro Dr1ft will offer us something “never seen” in the cinema. And, failing to revolutionize the genre, it could well create a surprise in due course. The presence of Travis Scott in the casting intrigues, but it is above all the fact that the film is entirely in infrared which makes you curious. An experimental concept which is illustrated today a little more by a first teaser.

The film that takes the aggro

These first images were therefore posted on Twitter by EDGLRD’s account (pronounced “Edgerlord”), brand new studio based in Miami whose Aggro Dr1ft is the first movie. This new company, created by Harmony Korine himself, would have gathered a lot of talents from quite diverse fields, to update this strange project.

Game developers, fashion designers, AI designers and even former Marvel special effects artists. All gathered here to help the filmmaker realize his ambition, of which we have a (too) brief overview with this teaser. The film would thus aim to be as at the crossroads of video games, rap clips and experimental cinema.

Gummo: PictureGummo, Harmony Korine’s first production, was already far from conventional

I am the best assassin in the world, so tells us the mysterious character of the teaser. It remains to be seen whether Aggro Dr1ft will he live up to his self-proclaimed best hitman. Because if its aesthetic seems very worked upstream, it will take at least a little background for the whole to work.

Once the surprise effect has passed, watching a video game cinematic in infrared for 1 hour 20 minutes could just be boring, without a minimum of care given to the story. We will therefore wait for the first returns from the Venice Film Festival to get a first idea of ​​this strange creation. For the moment, the film has no release date in France.

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