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Since the spring of 2023, the My Canal service has offered access to the Apple TV streaming platform. Offering a wide range of films and series with renowned actors, the Apple TV platform seduces with its diverse choices that can please everyone!

Apple TV: A large panel of choices

Launched in November 2019, the Apple TV streaming platform offers a variety of content such as series, films and documentaries. Sports entertainment is also part of the catalog of the Apple platform, offering subscribers the possibility of accessing replays of sporting events. Basing its notoriety on big names in cinema such as Steven Spielberg, Chris Evans or even Jennifer Anniston, the platform produces films and series in various styles to meet the different needs of the public. From science fiction to historical comedy, the series on the Apple TV streaming platform appeal thanks to their intrinsic qualities (art direction, original scripts, etc.).

ted lasso apple tv series
apple tv series ted lasso

Big hit series with renowned actors

Since its partnership with Mycanal, the streaming platform has experienced a significant revival with the French public. Ted Lasso, an Apple TV original production (sports comedy launched in 2020), is a very good example of this, having received 92% satisfaction from critics on the site Rotten Tomatoes for its first season alone. The adventures of the football coach, who has no experience in the sports world, even won over the sports media such as “L’Equipe”, which described the series as one of the most beautiful surprises of 2020. of Apple TV consists in putting forward big names of the cinema such as Tom Hanks or Tahar Rahim.

This is particularly the case of the dystopian series Extrapolations with an exceptional cast like Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan, Kit Harrington, Marion Cotillard, Tobey Maguire or even Edward Norton (to name but a few) who depicts the disastrous consequences of global warming in the near future.

Some qualitative series even manage to win important rewards. This is particularly the case of the dystopian series Severance which has been nominated 6 times at the Emmys and 3 times at the Golden Globes, including one for the best drama TV series. This show has become a real reference for all lovers of dystopias.

Science fiction, comedies, drama: original series present on the platform for everyone

Far behind giant streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+, Apple TV offers content available exclusively at home. Apple TV is estimated to have 75 million users. A significantly lower number if compared to the 230 million Netflix subscribers or even Disney + which has 164 million followers for 2022.

The streaming platform recently teamed up with My Canal. Now available on the Canal platform, subscribers will be able to discover series, films and other programs from Apple TV. In addition to this advantage, Apple TV has this added value of offering mostly original quality content unlike competing platforms which often drown subscribers in an unlimited panel of series. Apple TV prioritizes quality over quantity. This bias makes it possible to offer unique and critically acclaimed content.

We find Foundation and Invasion (two solid SF references), the film Cherry with Tom Holland and a number of films and series signed by the bitten apple platform. This film produced by the Russo brothers with actor Tom Holland has also received 4 stars on the Allociné site.

Apple TV is now available on My Canal. It offers a rich and varied program that manages to reach an audience curious to discover original series only present on this platform.

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