A study on the saps of Corrientes wins the “Visualizing My City” competition

This week Open Government 2023 organized a “Visualizing My City” competition, in which 130 contestants participated. With an innovative proposal, Gastón Benítez presented a project to trace epidemic outbreaks based on the most consulted malformations in the last three years in the saps of Corrientes, using the open data of the municipal portal.

The winner is studying for a degree in Information Systems, at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, and in 4 days he developed a proposal taking into account pathology and consultation in different SAPs in Corrientes, using an open data published on the municipality Set taken. Portal from the year 2020 to 2023.

Gaston Benitez, winner of the competition, explained: “I propose to the Municipality of Corrientes to create a system that can detect what kind of pathology or pathological tendencies may arise, so that it is prepared for this type of situation possible and that wrongdoing should not be done.” For example, what could have happened now with a dengue outbreak”.

Within the plan, a “Visualizing My City” competition will be held, aimed at citizens who are studying in various Unne Faculties. It is about the reuse of data that it saves and promotes the use and publication of open data to strengthen transparency and develop innovative solutions to social problems.

The conference, aimed at opening up the government to citizens, was held at the Faculty of Law, Social and Political Sciences of the National University of the Northeast (UNNI). With the aim of promoting talks, conversations and workshops that foster civic participation.

130 participants entered the portal where various city data are loaded in terms of security, urban development, environment, health, transportation, mobility, which allows any neighbour, journalist, entrepreneur, programmer, etc. The contestants were able to access them and generate solutions to various social problems in the city.

With completely free activities, adding innovation, open data and participatory democracy, the project “Public Challenges of Smart Cities” was developed, promoted by the Municipality of Corrientes. Under the axis of “Innovation and Open Data”, and “Participatory Democracy”, on the final day of the conference, speakers had experiences on this topic and the tools they use so that citizens can participate in decision-making.

The municipality’s proposal integrates the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a prestigious international body of which the province of Corrientes is a part, along with four other Argentine cities in the region.


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