A sudden trip an adventure? Not at all …

The Citroen e-C4 of Simone, the author of this report.

Can a sudden trip be an adventure if you have an electric car? Not at all, says Simone: with a minimum of foresight there are no problems.

from Simone Santini

“SI create to share mine “Non-adventure” electric travel. I say this because – as long as you still know the car and have a minimum of precautions – moving to electric is becoming more and more normal. And it must become more and more.

a sudden trip
ELECTRIC FAMILY / Simone’s wife drives a Zoe.

A sudden journey of 250 km in the Citroen eC4

I live in Ostia Lido (Rome), I have one Citroen eC4 for about a year with which I have done 16 thousand mostly urban km (home-work-home around 30 km). But with several episodes even beyond the autonomy of the vehicle in Lazio and neighboring regions. Mostly I load the house with a loader from 3kWh in the socket in the garage, also taking advantage of the photovoltaic with storage installed six years ago. In the family, apart from a motorcycle, we are now 100% electric, having replaced the Ford Galaxy 2.5 TD with a Renault Zoe 40kWh (!) Driven almost exclusively by my wife. After spending a year holding a plug-in hybrid (Compass 4xand taken just out) as a travel car, the anxiety of autonomy has passed. And it was natural to look for a bev for me too. So I said non-adventure, unplanned trip: unexpected work commitment, I have to leave early in the morning from Ostia to Grottammare (AP) and sign an important contract. Approximately 250km the outward journey, the real limit of autonomy of the vehicle on the motorway, appointment by the notary fixed without the possibility of overshooting.

a sudden tripDeparture by car at 100%, recharge at the Giulianova Oasis

I’m leaving with the car at 100% having loaded the night. If it had been unloaded, I would have had to anticipate the departure by half an hour to three quarters and make a stop at a Fast (dinners are now different around the GRA). But luckily that evening it was my turn to take the house. I have traveled the first 220 km from Ostia to Giulianova, Tirreno-Adriatico, in 2h and 40 with an average of about 80 km / h mainly due to traffic on the GRA. In Giulianova I ran out of autonomy … physiological: the car would have arrived at its destination with abundant power reserve, but my bladder did not allow me to continue further. I stopped at a Fast very convenient at the hypermarket Oasis. I was able to get some relief from my needs and have breakfast while the car returned to 90% in just over half an hour. Small note: the socket is in the parking lot which is closed with a bar at the end of the day, so even if active, the night is not usable. Pity!

a sudden tripA sudden journey: 493 km in a day without worries

Arrived on time for my appointment, closed the contract, ate (very well) in a restaurant on the sea, I left. According to the app Power Cruise Control, going slow, I would go home with no further stops, but with a creepy residue of 0.5kWh. I knew that BeCharge had activated some Fast in L’Aquila close to the toll booth and I was planning to stop there for a coffee and a refill. PCC, on the other hand, first suggested one Enel X to Approach Plan (Teramo), which on paper seemed adjacent to the Gran Sasso shopping center, so I decided for that. Once there, the surprise: a shopping center with a gigantic parking lot without columns. Fast was at about 2km, inexplicably located in a playground in a residential neighborhood, in front of the social center. Away from thoroughfares or commercial establishments. Dunno, these are the things I don’t understand. I uploaded for one twenty minutes and back home within the speed limits, enjoying adaptive cruise control and music. In the end 493km in a day without much planning and worries. All simple, all normal. No?

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