A surprise deal between Mbappe and PSG?

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A surprise deal between Mbappe and PSG?

Published on August 14, 2023 at 10:10 pm.

After being sidelined for several weeks, Kylian Mbappe has returned to PSG’s main training group. So the striker is once again available to his coach Luis Enrique. Good news, but it’s too early to talk about expansion. Paris leaders may not have raised the question of whether the Frenchman should be allowed to play again during discussions, but it is possible Paris will try their luck again during the season.

How will PSG’s attack be this season? There are still many uncertainties regarding the attacking area of ​​Paris. that’s for sure for now Lionel Messi He will no longer be a part of it, who joined itinter-miami this summer.

PSG not yet talking about extension with Mbappe

Lionel Messi can be quickly copied by neymar, In fact, Brazil will be very close to leaving psg him too. should not take the direction of paris number 10 MLS’sbut that ofSaudi Arabto join the club ofal hilal,

Extension talks during the season?

On the other hand, kilian mbappé should stay on psg In this weather. The Frenchman was reinstated in the main squad in training. However, according to information Team, the capital’s club would not condition the return of its striker to an extension. The subject may not even have figured during the recent discussions between the two sides. But paris Should possibly attempt to sign a new contract with the world champions at the end of this season. A bet that can be risky. While the summer transfer window closes on 31 August psg Will see kilian mbappé Leave freely and free of charge until June 30, 2024, if it doesn’t extend by then and isn’t sold in January.

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