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If you have a PS4 or PS5, it’s a good idea, because you can take advantage of an interesting surprise and save several dozen zlotys.

Although PlayStation 5 sells great and the demand for the latest console is not falling, the most sold Sony consoles are still PS4. Whether you are lucky enough to have a PS5 or you are still using a PS4, Sony has prepared a surprise for you.

You can now pick up the Pirate Flight game for free. It is an interesting and uncomplicated title that is intended for playing PlayStation VR (PS VR kit required). As you can see Sony has recently strongly encouraged players to try their hand at the world of virtual reality.

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It is possible that the company is preparing to improve technology and create even more titles that could promote this way of entertainment. The Japanese giant has recently given away PS VR games, adding them to the PS Plus offer.

If you are looking for more games to play, remember that you can still add games from the PS Plus offer for December 2021 to your library. Not only that, in just a few days you will be able to get more titles from the very good PS Plus offer for January 2022 .

While Pirate Flight is not a loud AAA game, it is definitely a nice touch from the manufacturer. Let’s hope that in the near future Sony will decide to promote virtual reality even more intensively.

Source: indiegamebundles

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